With a kid who is O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with pancakes for breakfast on weekends I have enough healthy options in my arsenal of pancake recipes to write a book on pancakes, seriously! :-D

I usually make pancake mixes at home to experiment with different grains but decided to try the 10-grain Pancake & Waffle Mix from Bob's Red Mill for a change. The 10-grain blend is a mix of Whole Wheat, Corn, Rye, Triticale, Oat, Soy, Millet, Barley, Brown Rice & Flax. These soft, fluffy pancakes studded with toasted nuts and dried apricots are very satisfying and hit the spot when served warm with raw honey or pure maple syrup.


Mom tip: These pancakes freeze exceptionally well! Make a double batch to pop into lunch boxes or as after-school treats for the kids. To freeze, line a baking tray or plate with non-stick paper. Lay the pancakes out in a single layer and pop into the freezer until firm (30-45 min). Once the pancakes are firm, transfer to a ziplock baggie for easy storage! Thaw these overnight in the refrigerator or leave them out on the counter for 30 min. Warm up the thawed pancakes in a pan on the stove and you're good to go! 



- 1 cup Bob's Red Mill 10 Grain Pancake & Waffle mix

- 2/3 cup Whole Milk

- 1 Egg

- Small handful of mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, macademia, pistachio, pecans)

- 3 or 4 soft dried apricots

- 2-3 tsp Coconut or Avocado oil


Optional additions:

1 tsp Chia seeds , Zest & Juice of half an Orange


To make:

1.) Measure 1 cup of the 10-grain pancake mix into a mixing bowl. Whisk the egg and milk together. Slowly pour into the pancake mix and stir to make a smooth batter.




2.) Chop the nuts to a size your child will be comfortable eating.  Add to the batter and mix to incorporate.

3.) Heat a non-stick pan and brush it with a bit of coconut or avocado oil. Using a ladle, scoop small amounts of the batter. Cook until the top is set and bubbles appear. Flip and cook the second side. 


4.) Stack the pancakes onto a plate and drizzle with some raw honey or pure maple syrup. I LOVE mixing some ground cinnamon into the honey - SO delicious! My daughter loves to decorate her pancakes with a few extra nuts and a few chocolate chips.


Enjoy and have a great weekend! :)