Our Team


Tanya Soman

Founder & Culinary Director

Tanya is a Singapore based former designer and food blogger turned entrepreneur. After spending ten years designing amazing restaurants and boutique hotels across Asia, she decided to pack it all up and pursue her passion for kid's food writing and cooking.

The concept for “Fusspot & Foodie” was born from Tanya’s passion to share her cooking and recipes with fellow parents and fueled by the experiences of her own parenting journey. She believes that every child can has the potential to be a good, mindful eater if they are consistently offered good choices and is proud to be the helping hand that busy parents need, to achieve this.

When she takes a break from juggling her various roles as a mum, wife and entrepreneur, Tanya will most likely be found reading to her little girl in an animated voice, teaching herself origami, dreaming about the hillside B&B she hopes to own and reminding their goofy pooch that crayons & Lego are not actual food groups!


Vishakha Shahane

Sr Chef & Operations Advisor

Vishakha joined our team at the beginning of this year as a senior chef and operational advisor. With a masters degree in hotel management and catering technology, Vishakha started her career in the demanding and competitive Taj Hotel kitchens in India. Her love for teaching lead her to working with reputed hotel management schools in both India as well as Singapore where she got a chance to share her knowledge and expertise with the next generation of chefs.

Pouring out her passion in every plate, Vishakha’s undeniable love for food and feeding people, attention to detail and cheerful friendly personality make her an asset to our team! 

As a mum of two athletic kids (one a gymnast and the other a competitive swimmer!) she recognises the importance of high quality nutrition for growing bodies. When she isn’t cooking or teaching, Vishakha enjoys listening to classical music, gardening, and indulging in playful banter with her kids and husband! 


Adlyn Fazirah

Consulting Nutritionist

Adlyn is an Accredited Nutritionist of Singapore. She's passionate about creating an environment that supports health and well-being in every way. A natural communicator, she enjoys spreading nutrition and wellness knowledge through talks, workshops, and writing articles.

For Adlyn, well-being is also more than what we eat. It's about the social connections we have, our mental health, our physical life, and our spiritual values and beliefs. She strongly believes that healthy habits can be nurtured and should start at home to create a positive, lifelong cycle. These are the pillars that she focuses on in her practice to empower healthy lifestyles that are most importantly sustainable and enjoyable. 

When she isn't talking about nutrition, you can find her with a good mystery book or strength training at the gym! She's currently completing a Specialist Diploma in Nutrition and Exercise Science to further explore the world of health through fitness.