Our Story

Fusspot & Foodie is Singapore's first kid-focused food business that is on a mission to make healthy eating easy and fun for kids and their families. Made using high quality fresh produce our products ensure clean, healthy delicious grub with loads of allergen-free options to choose from.

Starting out as a healthy catering company in 2017, F&F quickly built a reputation as the go-to caterer for parents seeking healthy, no-junk party food that was also creatively presented with impressive table set ups. 

Inspired by the lack of locally made healthy yet convenient food options, F&F launched it's range of healthy, ready-to-eat kid friendly food with a commitment to creating products made using high quality, clean ingredients - without unhealthy oils, artificial flavours, refined sugar, preservatives or MSG.

We are so proud to play a part in raising awareness about children's nutrition while also being the helping hand that busy parents can trust.