Frequently Asked Questions

All products except our pancake mix are sold frozen.

We freeze our products immediately after cooking to seal in freshness and because freezing is the most natural way to preserve food without the use of artificial preservatives. Freezing also helps protects the food from temperature variations in hot and humid Singapore!

All our food is packaged freezer-safe, resealable stand up pouches. As part of our R&D we have tested our packaging & freezing methods to ensure that the taste, texture and freshness of every product is properly maintained.

Our packaging is NOT suitable for microwaving. Please transfer the food items into a suitable container before warming up.

All our food is handmade fresh from scratch using high quality ingredients. We do not use any artificial ingredients (food colour / flavouring), refined sugar, preservatives or MSG in any of our products.

PRODUCE: We use hormone and antibiotic-free ethically farmed poultry for our chicken products and a mix of locally grown and imported fresh produce for our vegetarian range.

SWEETENERS: Our cookie dough and brownies are sweetened using organic honey. Our pancake mix is lightly sweetened using organic coconut sugar.

OILS: We do not use any processed or chemically refined ouls in our food. Our products are made only with extra virgin olive oil or 100% steam refined coconut oil. These oils are all natural and do not contain any additives or solvents.

Nope! Our products do not contain any MSG. They are free from any nasties or chemicals.

Please refer to the ingredients listed under each product for further information.

We have a detailed list of ingredients for each of the items on our menu along with food-allergy related information.

Although every effort is made to prepare our allergen-free food with care, customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of the risks of cross-contamination as our kitchen handles a wide range of ingredients including but not limited to eggs, dairy, soy, nuts, and wheat.

Most of our current range of products are suitable for kids 18 months and older.

Our mini pizzas are suitable for kids over 2 years.

While the texture and size of products may be suitable for toddlers, please cut the food into suitable bite size pieces and monitor your child while they eat.

Our kitchen is not HALAL certified.

However, we use chicken from a halal supplier. Our kitchen does not handle any products that contain pork (eg: gelatine) or alcohol (extracts).

The vanilla used in products like our Blackbean brownies is Halal certified.

Our products are made in small batches and are frozen and packaged immediately after cooking. Each pack is stamped with a "Use by" date. This date is applicable for unopened packs.

Once the pack has been opened, please store in the freezer and consume within 10-12 days.

THAWING: Please thaw food in the refrigerator and consume on the same day.

Please DO NOT re-freeze products that have been thawed as this will affect the taste/texture as well as lead to spoilage of the item.

We offer tiered delivery charges for your orders.**

Sample Packs Only (Order value $0.00):$15.00 Courier Delivery

Orders upto $39.99:$10 Standard Delivery

Orders $40 - $84.99:$6.99 Standard Delivery

Orders $85 and up:Free Delivery

**Delivery charges are calculated based on total cart value after all discounts are applied.

We deliver islandwide on Wednesdays and Fridays. Orders close at 11:59 pm the night before.

You can also shop for our products at leading specialty grocers in Singapore. Please see the full list of our stockists here!

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